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A horse feed company

Daryl Hofmeyer –3rd Generation

Kenneth Romberg –3rd Generation

Ralph Romberg –  The founder

A Family - Our founders


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Lowell Romberg– 2nd Generation 

Established in 1942 by Ralph Romberg, in Paramount California. At first Romberg Milling was a mobile hay chopping service for local feed lots. As the Dairies were push out of the area Ralph decided to find a permanent location and developed a high energy high fiber feed for the equestrian market.

As time has passed Romberg Milling not only manufactures their chopped feeds they also distribute a full line of equine feeds wholesale throughout Southern California and Hawaii.

The original location Ralph purchased in 1942 is still the home of their Manufacturing plant. This location also serves as a distribution center and a discount feed store to local walk-in customers.