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We are capable to serve the largest equestrian facilities & feed stores in Southern California with products like Romberg Milling alfalfa hay for sale and our in house distribution, wholesale feeds and the individual horse owner with our walk in and delivery service at "The Mill". Check out all of our products like our very popular timothy oat pellets in our Paramount location.



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We distribute all of our products, Alfalfa, Oat, Grass, Orchard, Timothy either Baled, Chopped, Pelleted or Cubed throughout all of California and Hawaii. We have our own trucks so we have the ability to deliver full loads, half loads, and even custom quarter loads of feed to equestrian centers, ranches and feed stores.

"THE MILL" is a discount feed store located in Paramount, California. We carry Feed & Bedding for all types of equestrian needs. Our Brands include Romberg Milling, Paramount Cubing, Star Milling, Kelley's, Ace Hi, Sacate Pellet Mills, Natures Bedding, Trackside Shavings, Red Barn. 

*Pick-up and Delivery within our general service area.

Since 1942 we have been chopping and bagging our feeds. We have developed feeds that have many great benefits. Recommended for growing and underweight horses pregnancy and lactating mares.


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